April 20, 2010 Jill

Big news.  My project Eye to Eye with Ruby Skye has been selected as a finalist in Independent Production Fund’s Web Series Program!  I’m so excited.

But, it’s only the first hurdle.  There are 26 finalists and only about a third will actually get financing.  The full list of finalists won’t be available until tomorrow.

I have a lot of work ahead putting together the materials for the next stage.  And I’ll get right to it as soon as I finish dancing around the room.

***UPDATE*** Scott Albert and Christopher Guest of GopherX are also finalists with their project, Tights and Fights!

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  1. Scott of GopherX

    Thanks for the shout out, Jill!

    If you’re naming names, you should also add our other partner, Courtney Wolfson. She did a bunch of work on the ap.

    And shameless plug If you wanna know what Tights and Fights is all about, check here…

  2. admin

    Courtney, please accept my apologies. I’ll post again tomorrow when the whole list is available and I’ll pimp Tights and Fights then.

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