May 5, 2010 Jill

Can someone please explain this to me?  It’s from an email I got today about OMDC tax credits for web series.

The OMDC has provided this information re web series tax credit eligibility (or non-eligibility!) to try to clarify the regulations.  Basically, unless 50% of the project is not interactive material, a web series is not eligible for tax credits.  We hope this will help you in designing your financial structures.

The problem is the second sentence.  The “unless”, the two “not”s and the “50%” have rendered it completely incomprehensible.  Or is it just me?  Can anyone tell me what it means?

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  1. Ok, let me see if I’ve got this right

    If(Interactive Material > .5)
    Then (No Tax Credit)
    Else (Tax Credit Yay!)

    That’s my reading. I think they’re trying to exclude video games from this.

  2. admin

    Oh, I get it now. I wasn’t sure what it was they were after — including web series, excluding them, what. Thanks, Joe.

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