May 3, 2010 Jill

Eye 3Developing Eye to Eye With Ruby Skye proposal for the next stage of the IPF’s Web Drama Series program is like being king for a day.  I get to put together my dream team.

Eye to Eye With Ruby Skye is a serialized detective series for tweens.  Action, comedy and suspense.  A kind of next gen Nancy Drew.  My goal is to produce three Ruby Skye web mysteries a year, each rolled out in 12 exciting video “chapters”.  Plus a whole bunch more elements that fall into the category of transmedia.  But I’ll tell you about that another time.

This time, I’m on teams.  I’ve been talking to a ton of people about partnering up on the business side.  I have some very cool, very big plans.  But if I want to have a hope in hell of succeeding I need some good people on the inside working with me.

My first call is always to Julie Cohn.  We were consecutive exec story editors of CBC’s Sesame Park and have partnered up to write a lot of stuff for both kids and adults.  I love writing with Julie and drafting the first two episodes was breeze.

Working with Julie always gives me a lot of confidence.  She get great writing chops and she’s very funny and I’ve been wanting that kind of backup on the producing end of things too.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the qualities I was looking for in collaborators: business chops, budget and production know-how, a background in old media distribution channels plus a sense of independence.  And man have I ever found them!

Kerry Young and Karen Walton have agreed to be my producing partners on Ruby Skye. Talk about creative business minds!  My head is spinning from our meeting last night; I learned a ton. Kerry and Karen have worked on lots of low budget independent projects and of course, they get the Internet.  Seriously, who gets the web better than walty?Pretty awesome start: Julie, Kerry, Karen.  Three insanely smart and accomplished women, but crazy fun too.  I can see already that the Ruby Skye wrap party is going to be one hot ticket.

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  1. R.Pincombe

    Wow, Jill! That is some high powered help. This is pretty damn exciting. Can’t wait to see ho it all develops.

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