June 22, 2010 Jill

The Independent Production Fund’s Pilot Program will support 11 web drama series with an $1.2 M equity investment.

This unique funding program was created to support the exploration and potential for high quality, story driven drama for web audiences.  The selection process required the evaluation of 166 applications which were short-listed to 26 web series from production companies across the country.  The Board evaluated projects based on content, production styles and processes, formats, business and promotion models and audience potential.

And the lucky recipients are:

11 Règles
(11 x 4 minutes)
Whimz Studio
Producer: Steve Kerr  Writer: André Gulluni  Director: Yan Lanouette-Turgeon

Buddy Bunnies
(15 x 5 minutes)
Periscope Pictures
Cheryl Wagner, Harmony Wagner

Eye to Eye with Ruby Sky
(12 x 4-8 minutes)
Jill Golick  (me!)

Fabrique-moi un conte
(8 x 5 minutes)
Jimmy Lee & Sid Lee
Producers: Richard-Jean Baptiste, Marie Michaud
Directors: Ricardo Trogi, Stéphane Lapointe, Podz, Mariloup Wolfe, Robin Aubert, Jean-François Rivard, Miryam Bouchard, Jean-François Asselin

Fair Play
(10 x 8 minutes)
Lifeforce Entertainment Inc.
J. Michael Dawson, Chantal LeBlanc-Everett
Writer:  Reece Crothers

(40 x 3 minutes)
iThentic / 3 O’clock.tv
Jonas Diamond, Jay Ferguson

(10 x 4 minutes)
Les Productions Passez Go inc.
Producer: Vicky Bounadère
Writer: Yvan De Muy  Director: Marie-Claude Blouin

Moderation Town
(6 x 4 minutes)
Stitch Media
Evan Jones, Victoria Ha

(15 x 4 minutes)
duopoly & Farmhouse Productions
Catherine Tait, Kent Sobey, Paul Quarrington (Concept)
Writer:  Mark Steinberg

Tights & Fights — Ashes
(180 x 3 minutes)
GopherX Productions
Scott Albert, Christopher Guest, Courtney Wolfson

(6 x 10 minutes)
Groupe 33
Producer: Julien Roussin Côté  Writer: Alexandre Champagne  Director: Laurence Morais-Lagacé

I can’t wait to find out more about all of these projects.

The press release from the IPF says:

The IPF provides funding for drama series for web platforms as well as projects for traditional television broadcast.

And it refers to the above projects as the first recipients.  To me that sounds like there will be more funding for web series to come.  This is a huge step forward for a developing industry.  Funding is exactly what we need.