May 4, 2012 Jill

I keep trying to blog about The Haunted Library – the second season of Ruby Skye P.I. but I get about two sentences in before I get distracted by some other task.

I do really want to share what’s going on. The project is kind of cool but also very ambitious — hence  my inability to get the blog.

So I’m going to try very short form updates.

Yesterday, we had the first production meeting. In attendance, Director Kelly Harms, P.M. Niko D’Souza, Production Designer Anahita Dehbonehie, Cinematographer Alex Dacev, A.D. Jason Bourke, Sean Van Delft (who did our sound first season and sadly, seems to have scheduling conflicts this time around), Cat Patrichi (Gaffer) and Andrew Tays (Grip). Jason lead us through the script scene by scene and we talked about special requirements. We haven’t nailed down our library location yet, so there is a lot up in the air about everything.

There is a lot of uncertainty in prep. Right now, we have a whole lot of pieces of paper — which I’m still rewriting, a team and not much else. Wish me luck staying sane between now and the end of May.

Also yesterday, Digital Lead James Hetmanuk showed us the first drafts of some of the world building sites he’s developing for the project. One of them is website for O’Deary Library – the library where the story is set. We plan to populate it with video book reviews submitted by people like you. Record yourself talking about a book you enjoyed (or one you hated), upload it to YouTube and we’ll put it on the O’Dearly Library site. We’ve got a couple of other neat book related things planned. I didn’t have as much time as I wanted to play with the fledgling sites, but it seeing them is pretty exciting.

We had a casting session today. Most of the roles are cast and we’re pretty darn excited about who is coming on to the project. Makes me grin just thinking about it. But two big parts haven’t been filled yet. We had a bowling alley room at Fraser Studios where the light was streaming in. Niko, Kelly and casting director Marjorie Lecker were there and from the first audition we knew it was going to be a great day. We saw so many great people that we decided to take the night to think about some of the options.

That’s the news.

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