October 22, 2012 Jill

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Bruno Masi, one of two creators of The Zone, the brilliant web-documentary on Chernobyl 25 years after the disaster.

Bruno gave a fabulous presentation on the project, the making of it and the realities of being a transmedia creator, which sometimes has its share of frustrations.

One of the frustrations in the case of The Zone is how hard it is to find the link to the English version of the web doc.  And as Bruno says, the URL is ugly.  But you don’t have to look at the ugly URL, just click here and begin your exploration.

The Zone transmedia project is made up of several elements.  At its heart is the web doc.  The other elements are

  • the blog that Bruno and collaborator Guillaume Heraut updated daily during each of the five visits to Chernobyl.
  • four or five articles that they wrote for major magazines — these articles also formed part of the funding of the web doc
  • the news of the Zone that they presented on their Facebook page and through the Twitter feed (including a live “retro-blogging” of the disaster on the day of the 25th anniversary of the event)
  • a 185 pagebook detailing Masi and Heraut’s trips to Chernobyl.
  • a multimedia installation.
LA ZONE (trailer) / Tchernobyl

Bruno’s presentation was the first of three Transmedia Storytelling Lectures that will be taking place at York over the next few months.  All the presentations will be free and you are welcome to come to them.  I will post information about the next one here because Bruno’s presentation was wonderful and I am sorry you missed it!

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