November 5, 2012 Jill

One of the coolest things about being a web creator is getting to know your audience.

If you write TV… or film, you don’t know much about the people who watch your shows.  You might get some demographics or sometimes you meet someone at the PTA or a dinner party who reports watching.

But Facebook has this incredibly powerful subscription mechanism.  I have all my notifications to everything turned off, but not when someone subscribes or comments on YouTube.  That comes right to my email inbox.  And whenever we get a new subscriber, I go over and check them out.  I can leave them a message, see what else they’re walking and watch any videos they’ve uploaded.

I find it incredibly powerful to get up so close and personal with the people watching the show. It makes you a way better storyteller when you know who it is you’re telling your story to.

Now if you’re an old media type and you’ve seen Ruby, you know my audience is tweens — probably tween girls.  Well, not so on YouTube.  I mean, there are tween girls, but here are videos of a few of the recent subscribers:

Menjas - Guitar, Lyrics and Libraries
Episode 5 - The Cage: Part 2
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  1. Simon Tael

    All hail the Internet! So many options for connecting on a personal level with an audience or potential audience now.

    Social media is the bomb. It used to require big money and research groups to do what any single person can now do with social media.

    Good tip there for using youtube!

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