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Pronunciation Book: A Story… But Who and Why Are A Mystery

Are you following what’s going on with the YouTube Channel, Pronunciation Book? For the last three years, the channel has been posting videos on how to pronounce common and not-so-common English words and phrases. Frequently, the channel’s choice of pronunciation is debatable. But what’s interesting is that sometimes the words and phrases seem to suggest […]

Transmedia 101 Presents… Me

I will be speaking at Transmedia 101′s First Meetup of 2013 in Toronto. Creator Jill Golick will present Ruby Skye P.I. on January 15, 7-9 pm at our regular host location: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Center. The night begins with a screening and demo of how the interactivie, followed by a talk on how to integrate interactive […]

The Zone

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Bruno Masi, one of two creators of The Zone, the brilliant web-documentary on Chernobyl 25 years after the disaster. Bruno gave a fabulous presentation on the project, the making of it and the realities of being a transmedia creator, which sometimes has its share of frustrations. […]

Site Assets

The amazing Derek Ma has been doing lots of graphic work for the many many many sites that are part of the storyworld we’ve created for Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library. He created logos for O’Deary Library, O’Deary Puzzles and The Mint Chip Girls and then built ads for each site that could be displayed […]

Internet Speed Around the World

In case you’re wondering about high-speed penetration and connection speeds around the world: Presented By:

Cool Interactive Video

Ruffus the Dog: A Christmas Carol

Talk about DIY! What can you make at home with the help of a few friends and a few thousand bucks raised on Indiegogo? If you’re Rob Mills the answer is an awesome broadcast quality Christmas special for the whole family… But instead of delivering it to television by cable or dish network that offers, you give […]

Introducing Anti-Social

Anti-Social is a digital drama about four teenage residents in an experimental treatment facility: Jessica Jamerson, wrongly convicted but not beaten; Harry, the deeply hurt lone wolf; Flame, a flower child with an affection for fire and Grainger, some rich kid who decked the principal. Their treatment involves the radically new virtual milieu therapy, which […]

Money Talk From A Guy Who Knows

Nuno Bernardo, the smartest man in transmedia today, on financing and business models: …why do producers keep saying that there is still no business model in transmedia (and other forms of digital online content)? The answer is: the problem is not the business model, or the possibility of producers making money on their digital content […]

Chasing Money

Do we really need funding? Is finding financing really the way to start a project? Old media producers start projects by looking for money. In most cases, the only people who do work before the financing falls into place are the writer/creator who puts together the pitch document or original proposal and the producer, who […]