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Limited Release: Spotlight on Ruby Skye P.I.

I spoke to Nick Montgomery from Limited Release Podcast about Ruby Skye P.I. and some of the reasons I love creating for the web.

Rights and YouTube – Making It Harder than It Should Be

Sometimes dealing with YouTube is a huge pain. Like when they send you one of those emails suggesting you might not have rights to your work. Once you turn on those ads and start to monetize, contracts, releases and other documents that give you have the rights to commercially exploit your work are important.  I […]

YouTube Thumbnails for Web Series Creators

Thumbnails are a huge part of YouTube Marketing A lot of traffic on YouTube comes from someone clicking on your thumbnail and watching the video. That means your thumbnail has to be hot. I’ve been redoing all mine to make them stand out in a crowd. Here are two of my videos — an old […]

Know Your Audience

One of the coolest things about being a web creator is getting to know your audience. If you write TV… or film, you don’t know much about the people who watch your shows.  You might get some demographics or sometimes you meet someone at the PTA or a dinner party who reports watching. But Facebook […]

Social Media Crime Fighting

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The State of the Web

This interactive infographic has a ton o’ info about the world wide web: 89 % of email is spam. 35 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour. South Korea has the world’s best broadband. 119 million tweets per day. There’s a lot to explore. Check it out: Created by:


Are you going to NXNE Interactive? I am. I’ll be on two panels. Winning Hearts and Minds: The Human Element of Transmedia is Thursday June 16, 2011 from 10:45 to 11:45 a.m.  Anthea Foyer is moderating and I’ll be seating between two Jasons, Jason Leaverand Jason Gilmore.  I think it’s going to be great.  When we met up to […]

Case In Point

I was talking about partners who can make a web creators life easier and I mentioned Wendy Bernfeld of the Rights Stuff. And here is an example of how helpful she can be!This is here Power to the Pixel talk to producers about the space from a distributor’s point of view.

Just Think About This

“…the secret to the future of all Content and its value as an investment vehicle, lays in age old tradition of compelling storytelling.” The above quote comes from Gerson Lehrman Group.  It is part of the summary of a much longer analysis; a rebuttal to an article by Ethan Smith in the Wall Street Journal about […]

Deadwood, Digital and Interdependence

Banff, Alberta.  The festival is gearing up around me, old friends reunite, little groups clustered around table talking intensely, pitches in the air, the ever presented Rockies in sharp relief against a blue blue sky. Over breakfast I was reading an old New Yorker profile of David Milch by Mark Singer.  It was written in […]