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Talking Ruby With Jay Fergusen

My chat with Jay Fergusen from Guidestones about money, marketing and web series. I get a little passionate at the end.

Applying to the IPF for Web Series Production Fund

A practical workshop in what matters and what doesn’t Saturday, February 18th, 12:00 PM The deadline for the IPF’s Web Series Program is just around the corner – one of the few sources for funding web series projects in Canada. Let veteran web series creators Scott Albert (Tights and Fights: Ashes) and Jill Golick (Ruby Skye P.I.) […]

Podcast, eh?

I had the tremendous fun of participating in the TV, eh? Podcast on web series along with Kellie Ann Benz and Riese‘s Nicholas Humphries and of course wonderful host, Diane Wild.  This was the closest I’ve ever gotten to anyone from Riese — plus Nick has lots of web series experience beyond Riese — so I was paying close attention to […]

Toronto Web Series Community Meetup

RSVP on Facebook.

Let’s Do It Again

Great news for web series producers — and aspiring web series producers.  The Independent Production Fund has confirmed that they will be financing more web series!The IPF’s financial backing is what got Ruby Skye P.I. off the ground so we think this is spectacularly good news.  An influx of cash from the IPF can really get a project going […]

Hilarity With Stiller and Meara

Ann Meara and Jerry Stiller have a very funny new web series. They are two great personalities and their interplay is just wonderful. Two episodes so far. Episode 1: "First Time On Internet" @ Yahoo! Video They’re also on Twitter.

I Didn’t Mean To Abandon You

I’m doing most of my blogging these days over on the Ruby Skye P.I. temporary site where I have gone so far as to start a video blog.  That is a bit of a horrifying experience.  First, you have to stare at your own image on your computer screen while you’re recording the blog and […]

Ruby Skye Production Journal

We got the good word on Friday June 18, 2010; an email from Andra Sheffer, Executive Director of the Independent Production Fund, informing us that Eye to Eye With Ruby Skye would receive funding from the IPF.  Yay, yay and double yay! On the following Tuesday, I sat down with Kerry Young and Karen Walton, […]

CTV’s Web Series

I was quite interested when the press release from CTV mentioned original web series. Only at can viewers also find new webisode series BLOOD CELL, ERIC THE TRAINER, THE LAKE, and PUSHED. I clicked through to take a look; I didn’t get to the web series. The original links from the release are preserved […]

IPF Web Series Pilot Program Recipients

The Independent Production Fund’s Pilot Program will support 11 web drama series with an $1.2 M equity investment. This unique funding program was created to support the exploration and potential for high quality, story driven drama for web audiences.  The selection process required the evaluation of 166 applications which were short-listed to 26 web series […]